Future Energy Ventures – What this means for me

Future Energy Ventures is my newest venture.  I, Mark Mancino, am the current manager at Future Energy.  Although I’m not the President, nor the Chief Finance Officer, nor the brainy  engineer who helps build and design these great structures, I feel like the success of Future Energy is resting on my shoulders.  3 years ago I knew very little about the solar energy field, let alone alternate energy in general.  I can still remember the first time I saw an energy producing windmill in real life.  I was taken aback by its size.  It was down in Atlantic City, NJ where there are windmills out in the inlet.  These windmills power much of Atlantic City and some of the surrounding area.  I thought why can’t we do more of this?  Why can’t we put these (in a smaller version) on people’s homes and obtain our own power?  This began to get me thinking and researching personal clean energy.  It has been remarkable how much the prices have dropped for solar panels and other clean energy supplies.  I think in the next five years we’re going to see an explosion of household energy evolutions and renovations.  People will come out of the recession with an attitude that things need to change.  We need to continue on our path of self sufficiency, because we just don’t know when these fossil fuels will run out or just become politically instable.  We can’t control the politics of the world, but we can control what we invent, distribute and utilize.  Regardless of what happens in Washington D.C., it’s what happens in our neighborhood that really matters to us, and that we can control.

I have great aspirations for Future Energy, and I do not fear any of the future.  Uncertain yes, but exciting most definitely.  I just hope we can all get more involved together to invent and evolve this industry that will help us all lead more healthy and environmentally responsible lives.